Expense Guide


Per credit hour $230.00
Audit (per hour) $115.00
Room – Cost for living in the dorm $880.00
Board – Cost for eating in the cafeteria $1,450.00
Required Fees:  
Registration $25.00
Library $40.00
Student Activity (includes yearbook) $90.00
Office Operations $25.00
Dorm Services $100.00
Mailbox (per semester) $5.00
Technology Fee $25.00
Sub Total Required Fees $310.00
Note – Students enrolled for six hours or less will only need to pay the registration fee, office operations fee, and half of the library fee.  
Special Fees, if applicable  
Late Registration (additional) $30.00
Choir/Orchestra Fee $25.00
Computer Lab $35.00
Graduation Fee $35.00
Yearbook (Additional) $40.00
Add/Drop Class (per class) $5.00
Independent Study Fee $50.00

Revised 2/4/19

Click here for an estimate of all costs relating to school attendance including those not charged by the school.

Categorization and Determination of Amounts:

Cost of attendance Calculations 2015-2016 School Year

Cost of attendance Calculations 2016-2017 School Year

Cost of attendance Calculations 2017-2018 School Year

Each COA budget includes amounts in the following categories, with amounts calculated in the ways or from the sources indicated. The Books/Supplies and Trans/Personal Ex are estimates which may change depending on the student’s personal needs.




Tuition UBC College Catalog
Room and board UBC College Catalog
Misc Fees UBC College Catalog
Books and supplies Recent UBC History
Living Expenses http://professionals.collegeboard.com/higher-ed/financial-aid/living-expense
Transportation ** Figured two students: 

One driving 10 miles daily , 20 miles round trip $150 a semester @20 mpg $2.00

One driving 25 miles daily, 50 miles round trip $375 a semester @20 mpg $2.00

Broad average $270 semester, $540 year

Miscellaneous personal expenses Personal Expenses: Recent UBC Student calculation 

Toiletries $100 a semester

Clothing   $250 a semester

Recreation $200 a semester

Laundry $150 a semester = $700 semester

**The transportation estimate will be based on the actual/estimated cost incurred to travel to campus. The lowest cost estimate shall not go below $100 for the year and the highest cost estimate shall not exceed $1,000 for the year.


This information is updated annually and corresponds to the UBC College Catalog.