Application for College Admission

application form glasses penWould you like to apply for admission to Union Bible College? You’ve come to the right place. Fill out the application form below.

Important Statements

Provided he/she meets the requirements for admissions, a person of any gender, color, ethnic origin, or disability may be admitted to the school. We do, however, insist that the prospective student give evidence of being a genuine Christian whose life is in harmony with the Scriptures. Any student failing to maintain a consistent Christian life, including the expression of proper Christian attitudes, may be asked to discontinue attendance.

The primary educational requirement for admission to Union Bible College is graduation from high school. This requirement may be met alternatively by achieving satisfactory scores on the General Educational Development Test (GED).

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Term – August 1
  • Spring Term – December 15

Application for Admissions

Here we go! But first, a few important notes:

  • This application consists of several drop-down sections.
  • The application form dynamically responds to your input by automatically requesting further information when necessary.
  • Please fully answer every question.
Application for Admissions

General Information

Permanent Address


Enrollment Information

List High School(s) attended

It is your responsibility to provide UBC with a transcript from all previous high schools and colleges attended and/or G.E.D. diploma.



International Students

List names and dates of ALL schools and colleges you have attended since high school

Marital Status

Personal Information

Financial Information


List below the names, phone numbers, complete addresses, and email addresses of three persons who are not related to you and who have known you for at least one year. The first reference must be your pastor.

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