Types of Partners

Prayer Partners

At Union Bible College we believe that God has a plan for our College both for today and for the future. God will use His people and their resources to fulfill His mission at UBC. God wants to be involved in our College as we train young people for full time ministry. Because we trust in His provision, we also believe that UBC’s greatest partnership need is that of prayer. Will you join us in a ministry of prayer and praise?


Stewardship is an integral part of an individual’s spiritual development, and it is individuals who have a heart for God and His work that He uses to support His work. It takes hundreds of individuals practicing wise stewardship to provide for the many needs of UBC students. Please join those who already include UBC as part of their stewardship.


Are you one of the many graduates that UBC has produced? If so, perhaps you were a UBC student who was a recipient of scholarship money provided through the Memorial Scholarship Fund or Work Program each year. UBC’s goal is to have 100% participation from our alumni in helping to provide for the preparation of future ministry leaders. Will you join us as an alumni partner?

Church and Ministry

UBC is a partner in ministry with churches, mission boards, Christian schools, and a wide variety of para-church organizations. Here is how UBC helps:

  1. UBC provides ministry leaders.
  2. UBC provides a center for Christian resources.
  3. UBC helps men and women in full-time ministry by providing up to a 10% scholarship annually for their children. (Child of a full-time Christian Worker Scholarship)
  4. For churches with a minimum annual gift of $1,200, UBC provides students from that church with a 10% tuition scholarship for their first year.
  5. UBC provides Christ-centered events for the community.
  6. UBC holds an annual World Changers week, hosting sessions dealing with various aspects of ministry including pastoral, missions, education, and music.
  7. UBC holds an Fall Festival providing fellowship and outreach among over 30 churches and the surrounding community.

In turn, UBC needs church and ministry partners to provide prayer and financial support to help our students fulfill their call to ministry.


UBC also enjoys a number of business partners-companies which give either individually or by matching employee/supporter gifts. Most of our business partners share our Christian and family values, and they believe in the mission of Union Bible College.


There are many different types of foundations that support UBC – private family foundations, corporate foundations, matching gift foundations, etc. – all partnering with UBC to prepare men and women for professional full-time Christian ministry and to provide many of the resources needed for a quality educational program.


UBC has a place for you! We highly value the donation of time and talents, and UBC has many opportunities for you to be a part of our ministry as a volunteer. Contact our office if you have an interest in serving in this way.