Scholarship Fund

What is a UBC Scholarship?

An amount of money donated to fill a current memorial scholarship or create a new scholarship. The amount allotted will be placed in a restricted endowment fund used only for that particular scholarship. At the founders choice the donation can be invested to insure the scholarship will live on indefinitely. It can be allocated to any student who meets the criteria of the founder’s choice, such as: major, merit, and/or need, etc. The scholarship investor will receive a picture of the student and an update from the student each quarter. This is a wonderful way to invest in the life of a student who is preparing for the ripened harvest field.

How can you become a Scholarship Fund Partner?

  1. You can become a Scholarship Fund partner by praying regularly for UBC’s students, faculty, and staff. Prayer is our lifeline.
  2. You can help provide memorial and/or merit scholarships for UBC students through your giving to the Scholarship Fund.
  3. You can establish a memorial or personal scholarship which allows you to invest and associate with a current student.

Our Memorial Fund Scholarships include but are not limited to:

Smith Memorial Scholarships:

The Simeon O. Smith Memorial Scholarship is an $800 tuition scholarship to be awarded to a worthy student who is preparing for the ministry. Truly, Brother Smith helped prepare many ministers of the Gospel both in lesson and example.

The Lavaun C. Smith Memorial Scholarship covers $800 tuition for a student majoring in music. With her background of working with music students, teaching music lessons, directing choirs, etc., nothing would be more fitting than a scholarship in her memory to help worthy music students to pursue studies in line with their calling.

Carol Russell Memorial Scholarship:

The recipient of this scholarship will obtain $1,250 per semester to apply towards room and board. This scholarship is provided for two incoming freshman and will be available for 1st and 2nd semester.

Watson Memorial Scholarship:

The Watson Memorial Scholarship commemorates Carl & Lena Watson, graduates of Union Bible College. This award of $250 goes to a worthy college student who shows a genuine desire to apply himself to his education.

Ruth E. Russell Missions Scholarship:

The Ruth E. Russell Scholarship is a $800 scholarship to be awarded to a worthy missions student.

Helen J. & Elva L. Messamore Scholarship:

This scholarship is provided in loving memory of Helen J. & Elva L. Messamore in the amount of $1000. It is given to a worthy ministerial or missions major in the junior or senior year.

Rev. Ray Williams Memorial Scholarship:

The Rev. Ray Williams Memorial Scholarship is provided from the estate of Rev. Ray & Mrs. Dorothy Schnell Williams whom the Lord used to greatly bless the school during a time of tremendous financial burden. This full tuition scholarship is presented to a worthy ministerial student.

Dorothy Schnell Williams Memorial Scholarship:

This scholarship is provided from the estate of Rev. Ray & Mrs. Dorothy Schnell Williams, a dedicated couple who were instruments of the Lord in greatly blessing Union Bible College financially. This full tuition award is designated for a worthy ministerial student.

Ellen Briles Missions Scholarship:

The Ellen Briles Missions Scholarship is given in memory of one of the founders of Union Bible College who was also instrumental in the opening of the Friends mission work in Bolivia. This full tuition scholarship is bestowed on a deserving mission major.