Giving to UBC

Types of Gifts

Cash Gifts

Cash is the most widely used form of giving. A cash gift can be designated to any one of our funds, e.g. Scholarship Fund, Capital Campaign, Endowment Fund, etc. Cash gifts can be designated for both unrestricted and restricted purposes.

Gifts of Securities

Giving securities may be a tax-wise way to help UBC students. Federal tax laws allow a charitable deduction for fair market value of securities based on the date of the gift. Gifts of securities can be designated for both unrestricted and restricted purposes. Begin the process by completing a Power of Securities transfer form.

Gifts of Real Estate

Gifts of real estate include land and generally whatever is affixed to land, as well as those rights that issue out of land. A gift of real property may be accepted upon consent of the President, the Director of Development, and Board of Directors. Real estate gifts can be designated for both unrestricted and restricted purposes.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts-in-kind are real property gifts, including works of art, collections, equipment, books, and other tangible personal property. Gifts-in-kind can be accepted if for purpose of value and/or can be used to fulfill the mission of UBC. Partners wishing to make gifts-in-kind may be asked to provide a qualified appraisal to establish value.

Life Insurance Gifts

Gifts of life insurance can enable partners to maximize their giving and, perhaps, make a larger gift than they ever thought possible. Gifts of life insurance can be made in one of two ways. First, a partner can name Union Bible College as primary or secondary beneficiary on their policy (appropriate change of beneficiary forms can be obtained from the donor’s insurance company). Second, a partner can make Union Bible College both owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy on the donor’s life. Life insurance gifts can be designated for both unrestricted and restricted purposes. Partners interested in making this type of gift should contact the Office of Development.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are those gifts in memory of a loved one. Union Bible College is delighted to honor, via memorial gifts, your cherished loved ones who have demonstrated a Christian walk that is consistent with the Scriptures. Memorial gifts can be designated for both unrestricted and restricted purposes.

Deferred or Life Estate Gifts

Deferred or life estate gifts are gifts that are considered future gifts to Union Bible College. They may be in the form of life insurance, a will, a trust, or an annuity. These types of gifts are a wonderful and lasting testimony of our partner’s wish to continue his/her stewardship interests after death. Contact the Office of Development.

Matching Gifts

Thousands of companies are willing to match their employees’, and sometimes their retirees’, gifts. This is a tremendous way to maximize your stewardship. To find out if your company matches employee gifts, please check with your Human Resource Department. A complete listing is found at the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).

How to Give

By telephone with a credit card

317-896-9324 ext. 130

By mail with a check or money order

Union Bible College
PO Box 900
Westfield, IN, 46074

Be sure to mark the check accordingly or enclose a letter of intent if you wish the funds to be restricted to a specific fund (i.e. Scholarship Fund, Capital Campaign, etc).

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

EFT allows you to automatically transfer funds from any specified account directly to Union Bible College. Please contact the Finance Department Office by calling 317-896-9324 for details on how you can support the Ministry of Union Bible College in this way.

On-line Giving

We currently handle online donations through PayPal. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to give through this button. Thanks for your support!