UBC’s financial future is linked to God’s provision through endowments. The goal of the endowment is to invest in ways that grow the endowment at a rate equal to, or above, the annual inflation rate. UBC can allocate the growth in specified funds to achieve both long and short-term goals by providing resources for current operations and non-budgeted needs.

UBC Endowments

The following are endowment funds that provide some of the support for UBC’s financial operations:

General College Endowment

Provides resources for the general operation of the College. Normally, 5% of the value of the endowment will go toward the general operations of the College.

Library/Educational Resources Endowment

Helps to provide resources for the library and for the purchase of books, educational resources, and other materials.

Buildings and Grounds Endowment

Provides resources for the maintenance and upkeep of Union Bible College grounds.

UBC is committed to providing named endowments to honor individuals meeting certain qualifications and a giving level of $50,000 or more. If interested in establishing a named endowment, please contact the Development Office at 317-896-9324.


  1. The College will make every effort to avoid investments in companies, products, or services that are not in keeping with the College’s moral and spiritual convictions. Of special concern are investments related to alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and most areas of the entertainment industry.
  2. The College will seek a balanced, well-diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds that will produce both capital growth and income. The College’s overall portfolio and individual fund accounts will apply this philosophy. Within this framework, individual fund accounts will be invested to generate its specific requirements and objectives.
  3. The College will not invest in individual bonds below a BBB rating.
  4. Normally, the total portfolio of an individual fund or trust will not exceed 80% in equities and equity mutual funds.
  5. Normally, UBC investments will seek a rate of return equal to or better than a time-weighted composite of the S&P 500 or an appropriate corporate bond index.

Would you consider learning more about our Endowment Fund strategy at UBC?

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