Aid & Giving

Lanae Whitaker

A Message from the Finance Office

Lanae Whitaker – Finance Office Manager

Union Bible College offers several scholarships for qualifying students in the various programs of study. We offer as well a valedictorian and a salutatorian scholarship for those students who have excelled in high school. In addition to these, a special “UBC Bucks” scholarship is offered to any entering freshman or any student transferring from another college. We are trying to make the cost of education as reasonable as possible. These scholarships apply to tuition, room, and board. Fees and books are the student’s responsibility.

All monthly payment plans are channeled through the Finance Office. We can arrange payment plans for those who cannot pay a full semester at a time, although we offer discounts for those who can pay in full. Please contact the Finance Office at (317) 896-9324 for details.

Another program offered at Union Bible College is the work scholarship program. There are a limited number of these scholarships available to qualifying students. An eligibility form must be turned in to the Finance Office to decide the amount that can be awarded to a student. The credit is either 50% of tuition, room and board for 20 work hours a week, or 25% of tuition, room, and board for 10 work hours a week.

Request a work scholarship application