Ministerial Studies Department

John A. Whitaker

Ministerial Studies Department

The Ministerial Studies Department is a vital part of Union Bible College. We require more than sixty credit hours of Bible alone to graduate from our department. This helps to equip a student with the head knowledge needed to become a successful minister. Notwithstanding, we emphasize a spiritual agenda and settle for nothing less than a “know-so” experience of saving grace, and sanctification as a second definite work of grace in the heart of every believer. Each class is unique, with broad and far-reaching professor experience and the Godly example of our instructors. Our professors have a clear understanding of the Word of God, and with great enthusiasm infuse themselves into the life of our ministerial students. Our Greek, Theology, and Bible professors are among the best in their class!

We are located in the heart of the Bible belt and have many opportunities for our ministerial students to be involved in the cutting edge of the great harvest field. A large number of ethnic groups have moved into the area seeking employment, giving us a prime chance to engage in a range of ministries. Opportunities abound for the ministerial student that enrolls in Union Bible College to prepare for their life’s calling into the ministry.

The Department of Ministerial Studies offers the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Ministerial Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religion with major in Pastoral Ministry
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religion with major in Youth Ministry