Education Department

We the faculty of Union Bible College are endeavoring to help our students receive a quality Christian education with a Christian philosophy. We not only want our students to have a correct understanding mentally what Christian education should be, but we want them to have a vital relationship with the Lord, where their lives will reflect Christ’s values, goals, and character; one of selfless servanthood.

The Education Department offers the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religion with major in Child Evangelism

Listed below are the classes you will be taking if you major in Education

Philosophy of Christian Education Methods of Teaching I & II
Teaching Social Studies Human Growth and Development
Educational Psychology Teaching Arithmetic
Child Evangelism Teaching Science
Adolescent Psychology Classroom Management
Teaching Elementary Music Teaching Language Arts
Education Field Observation Teaching Reading Skills
Student Teaching Christian Beliefs
Theology of Holiness Theology/Practice of Prayer
Old Testament Literature New Testament Literature
Pentateuch Gospels
Romans Hebrews
Bible Electives (15 hours) Freshman English
Fundamentals of Music General Psychology
Church History American History
Speech Introduction To Computers
Literature/Composition Elective General Studies
Christian Service (7 hours) Education Electives (9 hours)

Any young person majoring in Christian Education will learn various teaching methods, study curriculum planning, school organization, and administration on both the elementary and secondary levels. All education majors will study the different methods and materials available for child evangelism, as well as study the different principles used for classroom management and control. All seniors have the privilege of observing various classrooms at Union Bible Academy (A Beka curriculum), an ACE School in the Noblesville, IN area, and a public school (Conventional) in the Sheridan, IN area. Also, to graduate, each Christian Education major must complete nine semester hours of student teaching.