Class Schedule

Fall 2018

  Tuesday – Thursday    
Course # First Period 7:50-9:05 Instructor Room
EN112 English Composition II Asbury
TH202 Great Holiness Classics Boyd
MU1320 Music Theory I L Whitaker
Second Period 9:10-10:25
BI341 Romans Grile
EN101 English Composition I Asbury
MU311 Conducting I (9:10-10:00) L Whitaker
TH102 Christian Beliefs Boyd
Third Period 10:30-11:20
MU161+/171+ College Choir/Symphonic Band L Whitaker Gym
Chapel 11:30-12:20
Lunch 12:20-1:15
Fourth Period 1:20-2:35
BI102 Old Testament Survey Asbury
PM131 Intro to Youth Ministry Hobelman
  Wednesday – Friday    
Course # First Period 7:50-9:05 Instructor Room
BI201 Gospels I TBA
EN099 Pre-Composition Asbury
MU121 Hymnology (7:50-8:40) L Whitaker
PS231 General Psychology Elliott
Second Period 9:10-10:25
FL202 Spanish M Rundell
PS242 Introduction to Counseling Elliott
Third Period 10:30-11:20
MU161+ Choir L Whitaker Gym
Fourth Period 11:30-12:20
CS101+ Christian Service – Wednesday Leach Chapel
MU171+ Symphonic Band  – Friday L Whitaker Gym
Lunch 12:20-1:15
Fifth Period 1:20-2:35
MA252 College Math M Rundell
MU341 Music History & Literature I (FRIDAY) Nelson
PH201 Philosophy/Worldview (WEDNESDAY) Nelson
  Monday Evening 6:50-9:30    
ED211 Child Evangelism Nelson  
HI263 History of Western Civilization I Enlow
PM282 Transformational Preaching J Whitaker
TH301 Systematic Theology I Buckler
  Tuesday Evening 6:50-9:30    
BI132 Historical Books Nicholas  
BI251 Prison and Pastoral Epistles (Livestream) Grile
CP099 Computer Applications (6:50-8:40) R Rundell
EN173 World Literature Asbury
FL351 Greek I Boyd
ED112OL Methods of Teaching Bird ONLINE
ED212OL Teaching Social Studies Bird ONLINE
HI321OL Church History I Buckler ONLINE
TH211OL Intercession & Evangelism J Whitaker ONLINE