World Changers Week

October 14-18, 2019 – Thy Kingdom Come

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2019 World Changers Week Break-Out Session Synopses

Thy Kingdom Come

Tuesday Workshops:

Kingdom Building: Growing the Inter-cultural Vision in the Local Church

The Christian needs to be awakened early on to their place in the Great Commission.  The challenge before them is to find their area of involvement, keeping in mind that the intercultural outreach may be at their doorstep.

Kingdom Building: The Pastoral Role

This session will explore the pastor’s role in Kingdom building and what is needed to help the pastor understand what God’s Kingdom is.  How does a local pastor cast a vision and work alongside of the local church leaders to advance the Kingdom?

Kingdom Building: Music in the Bible

This session presents an overview of how music figures into the biblical narrative and what principles can be derived from a biblical philosophy.

Kingdom Building: Teaching with Influence

Teachers are one of the greatest elements of influence in our students lives. What are we influencing them toward and are we using our influence effectively?

Tuesday Plenary Session: 

Kingdom Building: How Important Is Education?

Education and child evangelism are vitally important in each aspect of Kingdom work. Children are our future, the only things we can take to heaven with us.  Reaching them while they are young can stop an entire lifetime of heartache and pain!

Wednesday Workshops:

Kingdom Building: Growing the Inter-cultural Vision in an Association of Churches

The church as an organism needs to understand that the mission of the church is world evangelism.  The church and missions are not two different things. The pastor’s role is to understand the worldwide nature of the churches’ mission so as to direct its involvement.  

Kingdom Building: Pastoral Sidetracks

This session will explore the pitfalls that easily sidetrack the Pastor and the Local Church.  We will examine the dangers of following these sidetracks and seek ways to guard against such sidetracks.  We will look at how to recognize the dangers and pitfalls of Kingdom Building.  

Kingdom Building: Music in Church History

This session discusses telling the story of the development of church music from the Early Church to the present.

Kingdom Building: Teaching for Change in Our Students Now

Should we only teach our students to impact their future? Or is it possible that we can teach our children to make a difference and change their world at their young age?

Wednesday Plenary Session

Kingdom Building: Music in Ministry

This session explores practical thoughts and principles on how to minister most effectively in any given setting.

Thursday Workshops:

Kingdom Building: Growing the Vision World-wide

The task of evangelizing the world is too big to be restricted to just one or two sending countries, although we must not neglect our responsibility.  As churches develop on the “mission field” they need to understand their role in world evangelism. It must also be understood that we are living in a world with challenging political settings, but that also needs a witness.

Kingdom Building: Future Challenges 

This session will explore some of the challenges to Kingdom Building that a pastor will face in the future.  We will examine ways to effectively face these challenges, successfully safe guard our ministries, and really make a difference in Kingdom Building.   

Kingdom Music: Music in Education

This session presents practical thoughts about how music should be taught and timeless principles that will serve as a guide in the future.

Kingdom Building: Teaching for Change in the Future

How can we help our students use their past to help further the Kingdom of God? Some practical counseling tips to helps us help them, no matter their age.

Thursday Plenary Session

Kingdom Building: Reforming Missions by the Gospel Priority

Our institutions, churches, methods, and goals should be shaped and occasionally reformed by the priority of the gospel.  Our true priority should guide everything we do.

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