Mission Statement


Union Bible College, an institution of higher education, is committed to the propagation of scriptural holiness and the preparation of servant leaders who change the world with the unchanging Word.


To provide a Christian educational environment consistent with its holiness heritage where, in cooperation with the church and the home, students excel spiritually, academically, and socially and are thus prepared to fulfill God’s will for their lives.

Institutional Goals:

It is the desire of the administration, faculty, and staff that each student who enrolls at Union Bible College receive a high-quality, Bible-centered education in a spiritual atmosphere.  The student should experience:

  1. A biblical knowledge, faith and lifestyle that develops the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social dimensions that appreciates the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that practices acceptable etiquette, giving proper attention to student needs.
  2. Academic programs that will prepare students for life in accordance with God’s calling.
  3. An understanding of Wesleyan-Arminian theology enabling students to accurately communicate the heritage that they have received.
  4. An education that prepares an individual to go out into the harvest field, evangelizing the lost, and discipling them to make a difference in the world for Christ.
  5. The opportunity to begin ministry in a variety of settings, such as churches, Christian schools, conventions, camp meetings, outreach ministries, and summer missionary work.
  6. An understanding of a diversity of worldviews as a foundation to determine the superiority of the Christian worldview.
  7. An engagement in critical, analytical thinking that will enable the student to make careful assessments and draw clear conclusions.
  8. A culture of effectiveness in reaching the goal of excellence in all things.
  9. A Christian model of servant leadership that demonstrates integrity in all areas of life.
  10. Institutional consistency in all facets of operation and communication.